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  • "This weekend has been a defining point for this next season of my life"
  • "God spoke tenderly to my heart, gently calling me into His glory"
  • "God showed me who I am as a woman, that I am important and that I have value"
  • "I longed for God to speak to me and to notice me and he did!"
  • "I feel like the whole weekend was exactly what God wanted for me at this point in my life"
  • "This event opened the possibility that God loves me, not just mankind, but me"
  • "I am so thankful for this break from everything to give me hope"
  • "Softened my heart, made me feel loved"
  • "The personal stories from the team were very helpful in framing the teaching and building trust and relationship"
  • "God spoke truth to me that I haven't been able to hear before"
  • "I would do it all over again"


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